9 - 12 Year Olds

Suitable for Grade 3 – 7

Envirotrails are great fun, interactive and involve creative problem solving and team work. They are linked to the curriculum and include a colour booklet. Envirotrails take place at:


  • Healing plants: children explore the medicinal garden at Kirstenbosch and plan an adventure using key plants to survive. Innovative, fun and lots to learn.
  • Plant Centenarians: Children walk in the footsteps of early explorers at Kirstenbosch and discover Van Riebeeck’s hedge, ancient plants and how we can help to preserve them.
  • Fynbos: we are very fortunate to live in the Cape Floral Kingdom with beautiful plants that are endemic to our country. Children explore the fynbos and its uses.
  • Table Mountain Flora and Fauna: A world heritage site, Table Mountain is world famous. Children learn about its unique flora and fauna and search for the red disa and the Table Mountain butterfly and ghost frog.
  • Cycads and Dinosaurs: Kirstenbosch has a splendid collection of cycads and an exhibition of life size dinosaurs. Children explore the link between the two and have fun finding the dinosaurs that roamed our planet.


  • Penguins and oil spills: A wonderful opportunity to visit the penguins, see them fly through the water and understand their incredible body structure that makes them so adept in the sea.


  • Beaks and feet: Explore a city wetland and visit a variety of bird hides. Spot the hippos and learn about the importance of our wetlands and how we need to preserve them

Higgeldy Piggeldy Farm yard:

  • Chickens, goats and pigs: discover fascinating facts about our domestic animals and step into a world of making butter, explore how a jersey is made and check out if your breakfast egg was fresh.

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