• Monty Gets Lost – Monty goes on an adventure with his friend Bushy, the squirrel. He decides to go surfing on a log floating in the river. Children follow his adventure through a puppet show and trace his steps and learn all about medicinal plants along the way
  • Monty on Table Mountain – the children explore part of the walk up the mountain through the Braille Trail at Kirstenbosch and learn about the fauna and flora of Table Mountain through the puppet show.
  • Monty’s Fynbos Surprise – Monty has a birthday surprise when his friends cover his eyes and make him guess the answers to riddles before he has a surprise birthday party. Along the way he learns about the fynbos. Children venture up to the fynbos and do fun activities.
  • Monty’s Midnight Feast – Monty and Bushy go on a wonderful night hike and meet all sorts of animals and plants that come out at night before they have their midnight feast in the Dell. Children explore the aloes and follow in Monty’s footsteps

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