Our Founder

Ali Corbett grew up on a farm in Zimbabwe with nature as the backdrop. Mud sliding in the veldt, climbing rock hills to find San paintings hiding in the crevasses, watching hoopoes tucking into juicy worms on the front lawn are just some of the memories which left an indelible love of nature in her heart.

When her own children arrived, Ali was determined to inculcate a love of the outside world into their hearts. Family walks created space for storytelling. Wandering through the magnificent garden at Kirstenbosch, a small Cape grey mongoose was spotted scampering across the lawn.

“Mum, look at him,” cried Sam. “Tell us a story about him from your own mouth,” was the plea from her 3 year daughter at the time. And so “Monty Mongoose” came to life, stories were told and Cape for Kids was created to share the stories with other children around the world.

Ali has subsequently written 6 children’s books about Monty’s adventures around the Cape, numerous activity books and puppet shows.