Want to something a little different with your kids which doesn’t take too long and isn’t too expensive? On a fine summers day there is nothing nicer than hopping onto a boat and setting off on an adventure! The Cape Fur Seal is a delightful creature to watch in the sea and children are fascinated by their antics and playfulness.

In Hout Bay there are 3 different companies that offer trips to Duiker Island, nestling close to Sentinel just off the coast. We climbed on the https://www.nauticatcharters.co.za/seal-island-trips/ boat and made our way to the top deck. It was delightful to feel the wind on our faces and hear the call of the seagulls as we chugged out to sea. There was plenty to see as we made our way over the waves. Sea birds ducked and dived around us, boats from the harbour made their way out fishing and there were even little rowing boats alongside us. As we came closer to Duiker Island, which is only 77 by 95sqm, we could hear the seals calling to each other and the sea was bubbling with action. There are thousands of seals basking in the sun, lounging and lolling in bliss and calling and playing with each other. On land they look quite cumbersome but in the sea they are transformed into sea acrobats! There were big ones and little ones, fat and thin, old and young. They floated around the boat with careless abandon, each trying to show off his tricks. They jumped out the sea, landed on their backs with such ease and grace. They twirled and danced in the water and were enchanting to watch.

There are over 2 million seals off the coast of Southern Africa. They sleep on rocks and land if they can find them otherwise they rest in the sea paddling with one fore flipper to stay afloat and keeping an eye open for predators. Cow seals can find their babies using a unique call which their pups answer and then a good sniff to make sure it really is theirs.

The outing takes about 40 min – perfect timing for children!

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